Gay Dating Tips – How to Find the Man You Want

The first question that has to be answered regarding finding the man you want is WHERE to go to find gay men. That is the first step of finding the gay man you want. Hands down the absolute best place for meeting gay men is a gay dating site, but the RIGHT gay dating site, for a variety of reasons.

  1. A good gay singles site will allow you to really narrow down your search and eliminate the men that you would not be interested in. With a matter of a few mouse clicks you can narrow down the list of gay single men presented to you that are the age and location (distance) of gay single guys you would be interested in. You can further narrow down your search to guy that do or do not have kids. You can drill down even tighter by using the keyword option so if you want to meet a guy that is into fishing you type ‘fishing’ into the keyword box and you are shown just the gay single men that have the word fishing in their profile or description.
  2. Convenience. How much simpler and easier is it than to sit in your chair from the comfort of home and scan through the photos of eligible single gay men that live within x number of miles of you. After pre-screening the men you might be interested in you can then meet them one on one for whatever first date activity appeals to the both of you.
  3. Of course the key to this working for you is to choose the right gay singles site and staying away from the wrong ones. The right gay site will have lots of members. The wrong ones will have few. The right gay dating sites will have all real and recent members. The wrong ones will have lots of fake profiles and use every trick in the book to part you with your money. In my opinion the best gay dating sites for finding the man you want are free, have lots of members, and all the profiles are of real gay guys.

Gay Dating Tips – How To Find The Gay Man You Want

Knowing what type of gay man you are looking for and is your type is one of the most important keys to successful and enjoyable gay dating. For example if you are a sports oriented gay guy who loves going to the gym and one of your favorite activities is sitting in front of the TV on Sunday afternoon to watch NFL football then obviously you are not going to be a match with a gay man who loves going to the museum and fine art. There is that old saying about opposites attract so I suppose there’s a certain amount of room for leniency and maybe you’re not looking for a guy who is exactly like you. These are questions you have to answer first before you go looking.

But knowing what type of relationship you desire as well as the type of gay guy you desire will save you a lot of hassles in the long run in your dating and singles pursuit. Many times people make the mistake of going strictly with their heart when looking for someone. When someone feels right they pursue it. But there’s a world of difference between attraction and compatibility and it’s important to know the difference. Don’t let your heart even start to get involved until your head knows you are with a gay man who is the type of gay man you are looking for and fits the bill. Then when you know there’s a pretty good chance of the relationship working out long-term full steam ahead.

The most important thing for all gay singles looking for love is first charge of your own happiness and place less emphasis on finding a relationship to make you whole. For all the gay singles out there hoping to find their next ‘gay love’, or the gay guys looking for their next date, I wish you a happy and successful gay dating journey and most important enjoy the process.

Two totally Free Gay Dating Sites:

Free Gay Dating Website or Paid Gay Dating Site, Which Is Better For Meeting Men Online?

Although there are very few free gay dating websites on the Internet today one logical question a gay man would probably have is why should I pay for a dating service when I can easily get one for free?

In most cases a paid gay introductions service is going to be better than a free one for a variety of reasons. For one – if it is a paid dating site the owners of the site have a certain standard of site quality they have to maintain otherwise people will want their money back spread a bad word about that dating site and they will never build their dating business online. In other words if you are paying for it you have a right to be critical and complain and the website owners know this.

With a free gay singles service the person who is running the site may have another full-time job and they run that site on the side. So chances are the quality of the web programming will not be up to par, the number of members will be low, and there may even be a lot of fake profiles. Of course a notable exception to this, although it is not a gay site is a free single site, is plenty of fish. The owner of plenty of fish makes thousands of dollars every single day from Google advertising.

Instances in which a free gay dating site is better than a paid gay dating website

The one exception to this rule is quite often new singles sites will offer totally free membership for the first couple of years. The reason is to build up their membership base. The owners of these free sites that are the exception are very smart businessmen and they make sure that their free dating site is designed for total customer satisfaction in mind. They know that the free members being happy with that gay dating site will spread the word and build membership. At some later time that dating site will then start charging membership fees. A perfect example of this is Back around the year of 1999 to 2000 was actually AOL’s free dating service. It was one of the only dating services back then but they were totally free. They built their membership levels to respectable levels in and started charging.

There are at this time two totally free singles sites (gay) that are in this situation expressed in the paragraph above. They are relatively new, a couple of years old and their membership is growing exceptionally fast. At the rate both of these sites are growing chances are they are not going to be free forever.

(2) 100% free gay dating sites